First Home Buyer

First Home Buyers

Being a first time home buyer is exciting but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Everyone will want to give you advice – your parents, friends, colleagues, neighbours – and while they all mean well, this is the time you need expert advice and knowledge to help you navigate the process.

When you work with me you will have the confidence in knowing that you are working with an experienced professional with national coverage and an independent network of solicitors, finance brokers and consultants to ensure that you get solid and impartial advice and assistance.

I am a licensed real estate agent and over the years have been involved in real estate deals totalling in the millions of dollars worth of property.

Who will benefit from working with Suburban Plus?
  • ZThose trying to exit the rent cycle and buy their first home
  • ZThose who have saved up a deposit and are ready to buy
  • ZBusy and time-poor first home buyers
  • ZThose with little real estate experience
  • ZOverseas and interstate first home buyers
  • ZThose seeking the confidence to make informed purchase decisions
Why Choose Suburban Plus for buying your first home
  • ZAccess to properties Australia-wide
  • ZActing for you and you alone
  • ZAccess to research saving you money
  • ZExperience which saves you time
  • ZUnrivalled property and industry knowledge
  • ZFinding what you want and securing it for you
  • ZSkills which reduce your stress

The right property + the right price + unbiased advice = Suburban Plus

As well as big picture research, Suburban Plus is on the ground researching properties each and every day of the week meaning we often come across property deals of outstanding value and not yet widely known about. Many of these properties are ‘off market’ and sold before they even get advertised to the general public.